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The new technological innovation, able to act in depth, previously only achievable with surgery.


This advanced Aesthetic treatment achieves instant results that significantly improves and results are enhanced over the weeks.


The CFU Ultrasonic cavitation is the only slimming device in the industry that reaches 13mm deep into the adipose tissue, breaking it down and achieving remarkable body sculpting and fat reduction solutions.

🌟 Unveil Your Best Self with Derma Cosmedic Aesthetics 🌟

Are you tired of stubborn fat clinging to your body despite all your efforts? Say goodbye to those unwanted inches with Derma Cosmedic Aesthetics' revolutionary Ultrasonic Cavitation Inch Loss and Body Sculpting treatment!

🔍 The Science Behind Our Success Harnessing cutting-edge technology, our cavitation fat reduction treatment is unlike any other in the industry. Powered by ultrasonic waves, our device penetrates an impressive 13mm deep into the adipose tissue, precisely targeting fat cells at their core. This depth ensures thorough breakdown and elimination of fat, delivering remarkable results that speak for themselves.

Why Choose Derma Cosmedic Aesthetics?

  • Proven Efficacy: Backed by science and countless success stories, our treatment is renowned for its effectiveness in achieving significant fat reduction.

  • Customised Solutions: We understand that every body is unique. That's why our expert technicians tailor each session to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results every time.

  • Non-Invasive: Say goodbye to risky surgeries and lengthy recovery times. Our non-invasive approach means you can achieve your dream body without the hassle.

  • Visible Results: Experience noticeable inch loss and body sculpting from the very first session, giving you the confidence boost you deserve.

  • Join the Ranks of Satisfied Clients At Derma Cosmedic Aesthetics, client satisfaction is our top priority. With a track record of delivering exceptional results, we've earned the trust of countless individuals seeking to transform their bodies and their lives.

  • Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life Don't let stubborn fat hold you back any longer. Embrace the confidence and vitality that come with a sculpted, toned physique. Trust Derma Cosmedic Aesthetics to help you achieve your goals and unlock your true potential.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

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