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CPL Supreme Machine

Innovative machine for permanent reduction of facial hair and biostumltation of the skin with diode laser technology and intense pulse light.

Maximum comfort and satisfaction for the results obtained



Reliability and high safety for the operator and the client thanks to heightened production standards, already compliant with the entry into force of “EUROPEAN REGULATION No 2017/745”, which will take effect on 26 May 2020.


Resume normal daily activities immediately after treatment.


Absolute comfort during treatment, thanks to ergonomic handpieces and skin cooling technologies that guarantee protection.


Possibility to treat several areas, in the same session at the same time, for faster results on larger areas.



What are the benefits of a PUREHYDRO facial?

PUREHYDRO has many benefits, including a more hydrated, bright, plump, and clear complexion whilst improving signs of ageing. PUREHYDRO reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases firmness, evens tone, texture, and brown spots, and reduces enlarged pores.

Is there downtime after a PUREHYDRO facial?


While PUREHYDRO is generally free of complications, you may feel light pressure from the Aqua Peel during the procedure.


How many treatments are recommended?

A course of 6, 1 week apart with monthly maintenance sessions after that for optimal results.

What do I need to know before a PUREHYDRO facial?

Pre-treatment Instructions


Stop using any medium or deep chemical peels or chemical resurfacing treatments and laser treatments for at least two weeks before. Do not wax or use depilatories for at least 48 hours before your treatment.

What should you not do before a PUREHYDRO facial?

Two days before your treatment, do not use any over-the-counter acne medications, such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Refrain from waxing and using depilatories. You should also refrain from any exfoliating treatments, like those containing active enzymes or glycolic acids.

Diode Applicator
The demand for hair removal of large areas of the body is constantly growing but the technologies used so far have shown limits, in many cases due to the excessive time required to obtain definitive results and sometimes the presence of side effects to the treatment. The diode laser represents the choice of choice for permanent hair removal, allows a fast treatment, in maximum comfort and is able to treat all skin types. The solution for epilation, painless, fast and effective.
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The CPL applicator provides a wide range of wavelengths for gentle hair removal and aesthetic treatment of skin imperfections. The two-way filtering of the emitted light pulse, made possible by the “dual filtering” technology, represents the key innovation, which allows to perform effective treatments with reduced invasiveness, substantially differentiating the CPL technology from other systems that use Intense Pulsed Light.

The perfectly square shape of the impulse emitted by the current generator sets it apart from common technologies, and ensures better results and patient comfort during the entire treatment. Thanks to the uniform pulse, the density of the the current emitted by the lamp is constant, which in turn favours the spectral emission of the uniform beam of light during the entire pulse, ultimately creating a targeted and much more efficient heating effect which significantly improves the treatment results.


The most effective solution to treat facial blemishes, thanks to the selectivity of the photo-thermolysis effect


  • The special reflective cavity, coated in platinum, generates high energy density in the CPL module. The user-friendly system is simple to use and allows the operator to set all the treatment parameters easily.

  • The energy impacts on the nature of the light-fabric interaction and the operator can increase the value up to 26J / cm2.

  • The operator can adjust the pulse duration by selecting the duration from 10 to 50 ms.

  • The time interval between one micro pulse and the next, makes it possible to modulate the release of energy in relation to the skin’s cooling time.

  • The Cut-off filters of the CPL handpiece emit in a range between 600 and 1100 nm and offer the possibility to use up to 5 wavelengths to adapt the treatment to the phototype and to the target/skin problem to be treated.

The most advanced technology for the transdermal delivery of active ingredients, to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the cosmetic preparation.

Applicators and handpieces with an ergonomic and innovative design, built with the latest generation materials to offer incomparable benefits to both the customer and the operator.

Contact cooling on the handpieces to guarantee safety, comfort and efficacy of the treatment.

Safety systems that constantly monitor the temperature reached on the skin, reporting the data on the monitor, guaranteeing safe and reproducible protocols (only for FACEFORM and BIOSHAPE).

The design of innovative waveforms that generate regenerating and activating electrical impulses for the skin.

Modular ultrasonic energy to act exclusively at the desired depth.

Cooled technologies thanks to the active circulation of fluid, to allow maximum reliability and durability of electronic and mechanical components.

Technologies 3D-Density automatically modulates the frequency of the field for a three-dimensional and homogeneous penetration of the radio frequency (only for SUB RF – SUB CTR – FRACTION).

CPL Applicator
The CPL applicator uses a wide spectrum of light. Unlike lasers that generate energy in a single wavelength, the Xenon lamp emits in a very wide light spectrum. The emission spectrum is between 600 and 1100 nm. To specifically treat different skin imperfections, the wavelength is filtered through special glass slides that act as optical filters and limit the passage of desired wavelengths. The CPL applicator allows non-invasive treatments, guaranteeing very satisfactory results with minimum recovery times and no side effects.


Compared to other lasers for hair removal, the diode has extremely low running costs, (module duration 20,000,000 pulses) and its high stability ensures effective and repeatable performance to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.

The handpiece has an ergonomic shape and glides on the skin adapting the laser emission to the speed of the operator’s hand. The treatment time is reduced thanks to the spot up to 23mm² and allows to effectively treat large areas, such as the back and legs, in a comfortable way and in very short treatment times, about 15-20 minutes for the entire back area.

The guide light in sapphire material is cooled thanks to a thermoelectric system that protects the epidermis during treatment, while the uniform profile of the laser beam and the high absorption and selectivity wavelength (810 nm), allow a more effective action on hair follicles, reducing the need for multiple steps and repeated treatments.


It allows you to select a pulse duration from 10 to 40ms to achieve high fluency when such performance is required.

Operator-selectable Long Pulse Mode allows for high fluency in cases where such performance is required. At the same time, treatment safety is guaranteed by the cooling of the handpiece terminal.


Motion Speed with 10 pulses per second, 10 milliseconds pulse duration and up to 10 joules guarantees effectiveness, comfort and speed of treatment.

The Motionspeed procedure guarantees exceptional speed of application simultaneously with head cooling, 10 pulses per second.

Wide and homogeneous laser beam guarantees repeatability in results and effectiveness even on the deepest follicles.

The water-cooled, working spot with the sapphire guide guarantees fast procedures while protecting the epidermis.

Cooling of the module by water flowing in macro-channels: excellent cooling capacity and excellent laser beam performance.

Efficiency and long lifespan of the module are guaranteed by the technique of mechanically clamping the bars together without soldering.

The hermetically-sealed diode module protects the laser source from external contamination and extends its life.


How does the Diode Laser work?
The handpiece emits light of a wavelength close to infrared, which is absorbed by the melanin located in the hair follicle. The laser beam is emitted only for a fraction of a second, which is long enough to damage the follicle while leaving the surrounding tissues intact, thanks to the cooling system on the tip of the handpiece, which protects the skin during laser energy emission.

What is the difference between the diode and other methods of hair removal?
The razor, waxing, depilatory creams, are all temporary methods that must be repeated frequently, and none of them can offer a reduction in hair growth or treat ingrown hairs. The Diode Laser guarantees a permanent reduction in the number of hairs and is also effective on ingrown hairs.

Is hair removal with the diode painful?
When using the Diode laser in the operating mode called “motion speed” the treatment is practically painless. Using parameters with longer pulse duration, the sensitivity to treatment is greater and varies from person to person.

Can the Diode laser also be used on dark or tanned skin?
The diode laser can effectively and safely treat all skin phototypes (Fitzpatrick I-VI) and even tanned skin. For darker phototypes and tanned skin, there are special parameters: in general, lower energy levels and shorter pulse duration are used to avoid damaging the skin. By selecting the right parameters, any skin type can benefit from diode laser hair removal treatment.

Are the results permanent?
The diode laser has proven effectiveness for permanent hair removal and permanent hair reduction on all skin phototypes, including tanned skin. To achieve satisfactory results, 3-5 treatments are generally required.


Aluminium reflector cavity. Optimises lamp irradiance and generates an intense light beam that increases energy efficiency.


The glass prism that guides the light and remains in direct contact with the skin. It cools down to protect the skin before, during and after the light transmission.

The Xenon lamp, it allows a rapid coverage of the treatment area, permitting one to operate with a maximum frequency of 3 pulses a second.

The ultrasound treatment that concentrates the energy precisely in the skin layer to treat, at the desired depth, regenerative thermal energy for the treatment areas.

It is possible to feel a slight but bearable tingling sensation during treatment, however well tolerated by the majority of clients. The first treatment is usually the most annoying one, then the procedure becomes more tolerable. The time required for a treatment usually varies from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Is CPL treatment painful?

The speed, effectiveness and safety of the treatment guarantee customer satisfaction. No particular post-treatment recovery time is required and normal daily activities can be resumed immediately. Customers can notice a marked improvement after just a few treatments.

What is the quality of the results?


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