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New CFU Elife non Surgical facelift

Derma Cosmedic platforms introduce a new concept based on the latest hardware and software design. Our research and development team develops next generation hardware solutions for the high tech and high-performance medical industries, allowing constant system update to eliminate the problem of technology obsolescence. Maximum power and performance, always guaranteed.

Non-surgical aesthetic procedure with remarkable clinical outcomes.

CFU: The technological innovation, able to act in depth, previously only achievable with surgery

ACE: Patented* proprietary technology that preserves the efficiency and durability of the transducer, guaranteeing treatment safety.

Results after 1 session 

Treatment Indications

• Treatment of hyperhidrosis.

• Firming and skin rejuvenation.
• Non-invasive lifting effect of the face and of the neck.
• Inelastic skin of the neck and cleavage.
• Reduction of periocular, maxillary and nasolabial wrinkles.
•Treatment of build-ups of localized fat.
• Treatment of acne scars

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