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Why choose Derma Cosmedic?

  • You will be trained by registered Medical backgrounds with extensive years of experience with the NHS and Aesthetics Industry.

  • Our Teachers are regulated and are trained to teach.

  • This course is Fully approved and Accredited.

  • We will organise insurance quotes for you

  • We have prescriber Nurses for you to use if required

  • We have trained some of the most successful and well known practitioners in Aesthetics

  • We follow strict standards and regulations so you are taught to the highest standard

  • We are located in the city centre of Liverpool close to the motorway so easy to organise travel with hotels nearby.

  • We offer excellent Marketing tips and advice on how to get your Aesthetics business to a great start to insure you succeed.

Anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) for relaxing muscles to reduce skin wrinkles. A Consultation with a healthcare professional must be done prior to any treatment, full facial assessments are done before any treatments.


Botox is tiny amounts of muscle relaxing injections taking just 10 minutes, it is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smoothes the deep persistent lines between your brows that develop over time.


One 10 minute treatment relaxes the muscles that cause frown lines to form and keeps them relaxed for up to 4 months giving you a much more youthful appearance. The results are dramatic and apparent in days.


Unlike surgery, Anti Wrinkle injections is fast, simple and minimally invasive, with no downtime or recovery. Most people return to work or normal activities following treatment.


Anti-Wrinkle injections (Botox) Using Botulinum toxin, target specific muscles in the face, blocking the signals sent from the nerves to the muscle. This causes the muscle to relax softening lines and wrinkles. It has fast become the most popular Aesthetic treatment in the world, because it is so versatile and low risk, treating many areas of the face to reduce signs of aging and improve facial symmetry.


Anti-Wrinkle injections (Botox) is now an industry classic, and for good reason, the results are excellent and really boost your confidence.

Although anti-wrinkle injections are mostly used to treat frown lines. It can be used tactfully around the eye, forehead and mouth and an all-round antidote for ageing.


For deeper lines and wrinkles a Dermal Filler may be advised in addition to anti-wrinkle injections.


  • What is it and why is it so popular amongst men?

  • Brotox is a FDA approved neurotoxin that freezes muscle tissue in the targeted sites.

  • This helps relax wrinkles, improve facial contours and prevent lines from deepening over time.

Non surgical aesthetic procedures for men are becoming more and more popular as they feel the pressure to keep a fresh more youthful appearance.

Botox has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cosmetic use since 2002.


This minimally invasive procedure involves injecting botulinum toxin into your face. The injection relaxes the muscles in your face and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, it is most commonly used to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, drooping brows, forehead creases, sagging mouth.

Botox is also used to treat several health conditions, such as neck spasms, lazy eyes, and excessive sweating.