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Aging Hands

What are Aging Hands?

Aging is a natural process that affects various parts of the body, including the skin. The hands are particularly susceptible to visible signs of aging due to factors such as exposure to environmental elements (e.g., sun, wind, cold), frequent washing, and reduced production of collagen and elastin in the skin as we age. Additionally, the skin on the back of the hands tends to be thinner and less elastic than skin on other parts of the body, making it more prone to wrinkling, sagging, and pigmentation changes.

Signs of aging hands.

Common signs of aging hands include thinning skin, loss of volume, wrinkles, crepey texture, age spots (hyperpigmentation), and visible veins. These changes can contribute to the hands appearing older than the rest of the body.

repeated sun exposure can lead to the breakdown of collagen fibers in the dermis. Collagen is essential for maintaining the skin's strength, firmness, and elasticity. When collagen fibers become damaged or degraded, the skin loses its ability to repair itself fully. As a result, the skin may become loose, thin, and wrinkled, contributing to the development of crepey skin.

Treatments for this


Skin Boosters


Skin Peels

skin needling


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