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Eye Bags

Eye bags refer to the swelling or puffiness that occurs beneath the eyes, giving the appearance of bags or pouches. Eye bags can develop for various reasons and are a common cosmetic concern, particularly as people age.

How to Prevent Eye Bags?

Preventing eye bags involves adopting healthy lifestyle habits and skincare practices to minimize puffiness, reduce fluid retention, and maintain the skin's elasticity and firmness around the eyes.


While some factors contributing to eye bags, such as genetics and aging. 

In order to prevent eye bags ensure to get sufficient sleep, attempt to sleep on your back with head slightly elevated, stay hydrated and limit alcohol and salt intake.

Treatments we offer for Undereye Bags

CFU Medical Hifu Eye


Contour Lift

Derma Pen with mesotherapy cocktails

infused into skin

Radio Frequency

Pure Derma (new version Morpheus8)


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