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What are Thinning Lips?

Thinning lips refer to a loss of volume and fullness in the lips, resulting in a flatter or less prominent lip appearance. Thinning lips can occur naturally with age due to changes in collagen and elastin production, as well as decreased fat padding in the lips.

What Thinning lips look like?

Loss of Volume: Thinning lips often appear less plump and full compared to their previous appearance. This can result in a flattened or deflated appearance of the lips.

Decreased Definition: Thinning lips may lack definition along the lip border, known as the vermillion border. 

Increased Lip Lines: With age and thinning of the lips, fine lines and wrinkles may become more noticeable around the mouth area.

 The Cupid's bow, which is the curve of the upper lip, may become less defined as the lips lose volume. This can contribute to an overall flatter appearance of the lips.

Thinning lips can impact one's self-confidence and contribute to an aged appearance.

Treatments we offer 

Dermal Fillers

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