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Cryolipolysis Training Course/Fat Freeze



  • Interest Free Finance Available
  • Course Location: Liverpool
  • Courses fully approved and accredited by CPD
  • Secure your spot today with a £100 deposit


Dermacosmedic Cryolipolysis course provides you with everything from an educational perspective you need to know, in order to provide safe and effective treatments for your customers. We give you all the marketing skills and guidance on how this treatment can easily generate you £50,000 -£70,000 of extra revenue per annum.


Cryotherapy induced lipolysis is fundamentally different from other non or minimally invasive modalities and has been approved as the safest and most effective method of reducing stubborn areas for fat. This revolutionary new Fat loss method is approved as an important technology process for fat reduction since it was put into use.


For those people who are on a diet, do regular exercise but find it difficult to remove local fat in areas such as Love handles, Flanks, Loose fat around the hips, back fat, belly as well as inner thighs and arms, cryotherapy induced lipolysis can produce excellent results.


It works on a principle of freezing the fat cells at certain temperatures below freezing, casing the fat to crystallise and commence the apoptosis process.


It is safe and effective with very little discomfort and minimum side effects. The results are impressive and is the best solution for stubborn fat removal . To understand the process behind the treatment and get a thorough understanding of the science behind it and what effects it has on the body, you will be educated on this advanced Cryolipoysis course.


  • Some basic principles of Human Anatomy body types 

  • A Brief description of Adipose Tissue (Fat) 

  • Types of fat 

  • Adipose distribution Men & Woman 

  • Fat Assessment 

  • BMI 

  • Why do we put on weight 

  • Fat and negative effects on health 

  • How to remove unwanted fat 

  • Alternative fat reduction treatments- Advantages and disadvantages 

  • What is Cryotherapy induced lipolysis? 

  • History of Cryotherapy induced lipolysis 

  • The science behind Cryotherapy induced lipolysis 

  • How Cryolipolysis works 

  • What is Apoptosis 

  • How long does the body eliminate fat cells? 

  • Apoptosis and the liver 

  • Safety of Cryotherapy induced lipolysis 

  • What happens to the fat cells 

  • How cold is cold 

  • Benefits of Cryotherapy induced lipolysis 

  • Areas suitable for treatment

  • Clients realistic expectations 

  • Ideal clients suitable for cryotherapy 

  • Clients not suitable for treatment 

  • Position during treatment – treatment duration 

  • What to expect during the treatment 

  • When will the client see results 

  • Are the results permanent 

  • Client preparation for the treatment 

  • Conducting consultation 

  • Points that need attention before treatment (anti freeze) 

  • Therapist checklist 

  • Containdications 

  • Important safety issues 

  • Things you should know about frostbite 

  • Treatment procedure step by step (practical on live models) 

  • CA (Conta action) 

  • Aftercare 

  • Equipment maintenance



  • Treatment variables 

  • Treatment steps 

  • Treatment guidelines 

  • Side effects 

  • Aftercare guidelines 

  • Frequently asked questions 

  • Summary



Why choose Derma Cosmedic?​

  • You will be trained by registered Medical backgrounds with extensive years of experience with the NHS and Aesthetics Industry.

  • Our Teachers are regulated and are trained to teach.

  • This course is Fully approved and Accredited.

  • We will organise insurance quotes for you

  • We have prescriber Nurses for you to use if required

  • We have trained some of the most successful and well known practitioners in Aesthetics

  • We follow strict standards and regulations so you are taught to the highest standard

  • We are located in the city centre of Liverpool close to the motorway so easy to organise travel with hotels nearby.

  • We offer excellent Marketing tips and advice on how to get your Aesthetics business to a great start to insure you succeed.


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