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Milia Removal

From £50 – £100 to remove a cluster of Milia.

  • 50 British pounds
  • Castle Street

Service Description

MILIA REMOVAL Wondering what those little white (milk spots) are on your cheeks or near your eyes? They are most likely Milia. SO WHAT ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE MILIA? Milia are little white blemishes which look like tiny Whiteheads and are common on the cheeks and around the eyes they often appear grouped together in little clusters and feel hard to touch. They are not dangerous but can be annoying as they appear on the face. They are caused by a build up of oil and dead skin which gets trapped in the skin and forms a little cyst? How To Get Rid Of Malia? We do recommend you have them removed professionally with our Fireblast pen. Which generates plasma energy , which is directed into the skin and vaporises the target. This usually takes just 1 treatment you will get a brown carbon scab in the area, which will drop off after around 5-7 days.

Contact Details

  • 0151 203 7988

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